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Sidewalk Repair and Installation

In today’s litigious society, a broken or lifted sidewalk slab on your property is a lawsuit just waiting to happen (I’m sure you have heard a few stories). An unsafe walkway could result in a serious injury or worse, especially for our senior citizens. Either way, you’re on the hook for painful financial setback. One phone call to Doheny

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Sidewalk Repair/Install

For free inspection please call (310) 557-6971
Do you have cracks in the concrete?

Is the thick tree roots lifting the concrete slabs?

Do You know this is a very dangerous situation! This environmental hazard! It’s time to protect your property

Now is the time to protect your most valuable asset. You will gain not only a beautiful sidewalk, but also peace of mind.

Doheny Concrete Construction,Inc can economically remove the slab, grind the tree roots with out harming the tree, and bring your sidewalk back to its original state.