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Sidewalk Repair and Installation

In today’s litigious society, a broken or lifted sidewalk slab on your property is a lawsuit just waiting to happen (I’m sure you have heard a few stories). An unsafe walkway could result in a serious injury or worse, especially for our senior citizens. Either way, you’re on the hook for painful financial setback. One phone call to Doheny

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Foundation Replacement

Foundation replacement for existing home is required when the existing footing is broken, horizontal cracks are seen along the foundation system and others signs of concrete deterioration.

Most of the houses built before 1980 no rebar reinforcement where placed in the concrete foundation and no proper connection between the house wood frame and the concrete foundation.

All new foundation replacement for existing homes are done so they can meet with the latest city codes and requirements in case of an earthquake or high winds hazards.

Foundation replacement can be done to an entire foundation system or section of it,after deep evaluation done by Doheny Concrete Construction experts and structural engineer we design the new foundation replacement and scope of work needed to secure the house.

Need your foundation repair inspected?

Contact Doheny Concrete Construction for a free foundation repair estimate from our experts today!

The foundation systems specifications has been changed during the years and has been upgraded so the system can whit hold earthquakes ,high winds ,rain floods and keeping the house braced to it foundation secure and dry.
Prior to foundation replacement work we pull a city permit and structural design approved by building and safety and only then we start a temporary shoring to the proposed foundation replacement house.

Once the first step is done (the shoring part) we start with the demolition of the defective sections of foundation or the entire foundation systems.

Once the demolition part is done and all concrete debris is hauled away from job-site, we can start the next step.

Excavation the new foundation replacement system ,rebar placing ,hardware installation and forming the new foundation replacement is the critical step before pouring the new concrete to the continuous foundation replacement system.

It is mandatory that building and safety inspect any foundation replacement (full replacement or sections only) before any concrete is poured into the forms of the foundation replacement.


After getting the foundation replacement inspected the approval from building and safety inspector (signature on the hard copy city permit) we start the arrangement to pour new concrete into the foundation replacement forms.

Once the concrete is placed into the forms and cured, Doheny Concrete Construction finalizes the foundation replacement work by calling for final inspection from